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Fu Jie, President of ICBC Shanghai Branch, and his team visited PTL
  • Release date 2020-03-30

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  • Announcer:PTL

On the afternoon of March 18, Fu Jie, President of ICBC Shanghai Branch, and his party visited the headquarters of PTL Group for investigation, in order to gain an in-depth understanding of the development of the enterprise and explore opportunities for in-depth cooperation between banks and enterprises.

Liang Feng, chairman of PTL Group, director and deputy general manager Han Zhongwei attended the meeting together, Pan Qiang, vice president of Shanghai Branch, corporate financial business department, credit approval department, inclusive financial business department, science and technology innovation center and Caohejing sub-branch of Shanghai branch Accompanied by the person in charge. Chairman Liang Feng first expressed his sincere welcome to the arrival of President Fu Jie and his party. The two parties at the meeting had an in-depth exchange of views on the development of the new energy lithium battery industry and the supply and demand structure of the industry. Chairman Liang Feng showed the company's operation, main products, upstream and downstream customers, core business competitiveness and three-year financial capital plan in an all-round way. The development idea of the whole equipment industry chain is explained in detail.

President Fu Jie expressed his gratitude to PTL Group for its trust in ICBC, fully affirmed the long-term intensive cultivation of PTL Group in the upstream material industry of lithium batteries, and expressed his willingness to carry out further cooperation with PTL Group, step by step To provide enterprises with a full range of financial services. ICBC Shanghai Branch will start with group credit and cash management, and hopes to have the opportunity to explore and participate in businesses such as capital market financing, domestic project financing, industrial mergers and acquisitions, overseas project financing under free trade zones, and international trade services. President Jie suggested that PTL Group could discuss equity investment with ICBC in some projects, so as to strengthen the depth of cooperation.

Through this investigation, the understanding between banks and enterprises has been deepened. In the next stage, the group will strengthen in-depth cooperation with ICBC, consolidate the industrial foundation, and help the group to take off with its beautiful vision of becoming a world-class comprehensive supplier and service provider in the lithium battery industry.

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