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New KATOP's debuted at CIBF2016
  • Release date 2020-06-04

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  • Announcer:PTL

The 12th China International Battery Technology Exchange Fair/Exhibition (CIBF2016), an international event in the world's battery industry hosted by the China Chemical and Physical Power Industry Association, was held in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center from May 24th to 26th. 

The exhibition area of CIBF2016 reached 82,500 square meters, with 1,300 exhibitors and more than 4,000 booths. More than 40,000 professional visitors from more than 50 countries and regions visited the exhibition. The CIBF2016 technical exchange meeting will continue to focus on the theme of "Power Batteries and Energy Storage Batteries", focusing on the latest developments in batteries for electric vehicles and various energy storage batteries for smart grids. It is expected that more than 800 people from more than 50 countries and regions will participate Meeting. At the same time, there will also be a number of special conferences on new products and new technologies, international battery buyers procurement fairs and battery industry talent recruitment fairs. China Battery Network (WeChat: mybattery) was invited to live broadcast the whole process. The booth numbers are: 6E134 and 6E135 in Hall 6. The editorial team of China Battery Network will comprehensively report the grand occasion of the exhibition and forum, and connect with core value resources. During the exhibition, the members of the Council of the Battery 100 will hold a number of high-end resource dinners and exchange activities.

Shenzhen New KATOP Automation Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "New KATOP") appeared in CIBF2016, and the lithium battery coating machine attracted much attention. Booth number: 1BT13. New KATOP was established in March 2013. It is located in the large industrial zone of Pingshan New District, Shenzhen. It covers an area of 10,000 square meters. It is a national high-tech company recognized by the National Science and Technology Commission focusing on the research and development, manufacturing and service of lithium battery coating machines. enterprise.

New KATOP leads the development of domestic coating technology with professional design quality and technological innovation, and has accumulated rich experience in process engineering. It has extrusion coating machines, transfer coating machines (stand-up type, rack type, laboratory), Diaphragm coating machine and other complete series of coating machine products. At the same time, the company has strong technical strength and rich practical experience in precision machinery, modern control technology, new sensor applications and large-scale comprehensive automation projects, and can provide users with process automation, production process connection and factory automation solutions.

New KATOP is positioned in the middle and high end, and strives to occupy the most excellent value resources and the most core customer resources in the market. In 2011, New KATOP entered the field of diaphragm ceramic coating first. And "at present, the major diaphragm factories in China are using New KATOP's ceramic coating machines", according to Qi Xiaodong, the general manager of the company, the company must constantly optimize the product structure. "The development model of an enterprise determines which products are suitable for the enterprise, and the enterprise must also use its own resources and combine the structural characteristics of the industry to implement a development route, relying on products and forward-looking technologies that are most suitable for market demand."

New KATOP led by Qi Xiaodong In the research and development of lithium battery equipment such as high-precision experimental coating machines, diaphragm coating machines, extrusion coating machines, etc., it has been far ahead of the same industry in China. New KATOP leads the domestic high-end coating machine to the road of import substitution with unremitting technological innovation power.

Now, New KATOP has become a leading manufacturer of lithium battery equipment in China. At present, New KATOP customers include ATL (Dongguan New Energy), Ningde New Energy, BYD, BAK Battery, Tianjin Lishen, Samsung SDI, Zhuhai Coslight, Cangzhou Mingzhu, Foshan Jinhui, Shanghai Space Power, Central South University, Shanshan , Betray, Likai, Taiwan BenQ and other hundreds of enterprises. The coating machine and other products developed and produced by the company have become the most professional and most popular brand leader in China.

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