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PTL group was succesfully listed on Shanghai Stock Exchange
  • Release date 2017-11-20

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  • Announcer:PTL


On November 3, 2017, the initial public offering of Shanghai PTL New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. was officially listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange. This public offering of 63.7029 million shares was issued at a price of 16.53 yuan per share, and the funds raised by the new shares were 1.053 billion After the issuance, the total share capital is 432,702,900 shares. On the day of listing, Shanghai PTL New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. held a grand listing ceremony in the trading hall of the Shanghai Stock Exchange. Jiang Feng, secretary of the Liyang Municipal Party Committee of Jiangsu Province, Chen Wangyu, secretary of the Party Working Committee of Dongqiao Economic Development Zone in Ningde City, Jiangxi Province More than 200 government and business leaders and guests, including deputy secretary of Fengxin County Party Committee and county magistrate Li Guoxing, attended the listing ceremony and witnessed PTL's new stage of entering the capital market.


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